Integrate systems for efficiency and profit

Today there is a rich and diverse choice of software selections available for almost every trucking company and freight broker. Most of these software choices provide tremendous efficiency benefits. However, these software applications are often like "islands of processing systems" within an organization and across business partners.

In order to meet the challenges presented by today's competitive atmosphere, carriers and brokers, large and small, need the ability to solve problems quickly without having to move through multiple software applications to do so. In other words they need to have access to information quickly through integrated software and information systems.

When you are using more than one system (multiple websites, mileage software, accounting and customer relationship management as examples) additional work is required in moving from system to system.

Having more than one customer also will lead to multiple requirements and systems. The presence of multiple systems and software will inevitably require engineering solutions to integrate them.
All these problems can be grouped together as the problems of software development today, viewed from the engineering aspect. As a broker or carrier you need to develop a strategy to bridge the gap created by the various technologies. In other words, you need to integrate. 

Integration of systems and information can lead to some very quantifiable benefits, such as; 

1. Shorter/reduced steps in your business processes. 
2. Less complaints from shippers and drivers.
3. Lower overall administrative and service delivery cost.
4. Less time required processing a load order transaction.
5. Lower cost of load processing,
6. Elimination of duplication and data entry errors.

It has been proven on more than one occasion that by integrating different system within an organization and incorporating data from outside an organization you can optimize your business processes and help create higher overall value for your company and your customers.

Integration can lead to some cool solutions and with innovative solutions--used correctly--you are securing the future of your company. Also by using what you have, and integrating new IT solutions into the existing IT landscape, you are protecting your existing investments.

Best regards,

Joel McGinley   

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